Saturday, 15 December 2012

Effortless Ways to Keep a Watch on Post Party Stress

Are you on your guard in the parties? Do you drink too much? Do you gorge without focusing on your diet regimen?  Parties offer fun and you feel charmed with the spell around you. But when it comes to an end all you get is a trio for enhanced stress level, physical, mental and emotional. You sacrifice all your efforts to trim your body-line. You take a stroll into the pub to find a stranger who would say “Wow! You are hot.”You feel you are at the right spot and are doing the right things which should be done in a party. But if you do not keep track of the things, your physique, your emotions and your reputations are at stake. Here are a few tips to say good bye to all your worries.
Eat but not like a foodie
Your diet mantras always make you greedy at the parties and you start binging. It is natural that you eagerly look forward for such occasions to grab those fried snacks with a big cross on your diet chart. Do not even cast your glance on them. Drink two glasses of water before you reach the venue. Talk more and eat less .Go for baked dishes. Stop tasting the mouthwatering sweets and desserts. Help yourself to fish, chicken, fruits, vegetables, salads and whole grain stuff. Think about the enormous tummy you have tamed with so much toil. Ensure how gorgeous you look with your nipped in waist. Would you like to lose it with single indulgence? No and never.
Drink nothing but lime soda
Stay away from alcoholic drinks. If you do not go slow, you would suffer from hangovers. Drink red wine but not more than one peg. Never crave for white wine or cocktail. Drink lime soda without sugar or only with a pinch of sugar. If you are unable to resist, quench your thirst with mock tails or juices or plain water.
Do not skip breakfast next morning
If you binge like a glutton, you may think of skipping your breakfast next morning. Your body may revolt and you would feel more hungry. What is the consequence? You would stuff your stomach with all nonsense and again put on weight.
Include fresh fruits and boiled vegetables in your breakfast
Fruits and vegetables have antioxidants.  They would help removing the toxins from your body. Green tea is also good .Take a light breakfast and get rid of the nausea or stomach-upset. Drink plenty of water to save you from dehydration. Headaches are normal after late night parties. A moderate dose of painkillers can help you.
Avoid peer pressure
Do not indulge in smoking or trying drugs. Your friends can force you to make you smoke or take drugs for sheer fun. Never try to please them by accepting their challenge. Do not get addicted and steer clear the idea of tasting them for once.
Do not deprive yourself from sleep
The late night parties always have a great impact on your body. You feel restless and need more sleep. Your eyes become heavy and you feel tired and exhausted. Proper rest and sleep would save you from many disorders. A short nap would reduce your power of concentration and can make you once more flabby.
Practice yoga to step out from party stress
Last but not least, exercise and yoga practice can heal all your ailments. Follow the exact ways of breathing .Practice meditation and do aerobics. Do not forget about the workouts to burn your calories.
Socialize but safely
Dance and enjoy with your friends to your heart’s content. You would shed off the calories. But protect yourself from stepping into the sex zone. Do not trust anybody who can take an advantage of your simplicity and make you pregnant. Celebration can turn into frustration. Be cautious and prevent yourself from  being easily available.

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  1. Hello. I wanted to stop by your blog and check it out. I appreciate your comments on mine.

    This post is not only practical and real, but funny as heck. Your sense of humor comes out in a wise-woman's fashion and I think is irresistible. It is great to meet you!