Monday, 31 October 2011

What is Plagiarism-----Want to share?

The other day ,Aashu,my five year –old son, rushed in with all excitement.
“Oh Mom! Today  we witnessed  a wonderful thing . Our teacher took us to the  large  pool inside our school campus and what was the surprise ,you see?”
“What---?”I retorted.  “There were  two  small dolphins and some other types of colourful fish . The dolphins started chasing the smaller ones  and the others were trying to seek refuge as if they were playing hide and seek. Then our Miss scattered some powder inside the pool and they started eating.  Our Miss also explained that dolphins can do  many tricks . She  told us about the mimicry which the dolphins do.  But as the school was over, we could not stay  longer ,but our Miss has promised that she would take us to the dolphinarium once more. Is n’t it something amazing?” he asked. “But Miss has also asked us to write some words about Dolphins.”he added.
“Sure !sure!”I answered and  helped him  undress and asked him to wash and take his lunch. Later when he went to bed, I thought and thought  about these dolphins and started collecting some information about these dolphins from the encyclopaedia. Later I  also surfed  the net for some information as Aashu was too small to do all these and he had got also his abacus classes to attend. I wished I could copy and paste the information so that my time and  labour would be saved a little bit .But the term “plagiarism” haunted me again and again. “Am I plagiarising or am I gathering information? Am I copying or am I counterfeiting another’s ideas ,words or work? Am  I writing a poem  on Dolphin or am I  considering about the facts for an objective analysis of the creature and its origin?” I opened my Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary of Current English” by A S Hornby  and found that “Plagiarism” means “an act of plagiarising something”  and “to plagiarize” means  to copy another person’s ideas ,words or work and pretend that they are your own. According to Chambers Dictionary of Synonyms and Antonyms-edited by Martin H. Manser , plagiarism means   borrowing, copying, counterfeiting, lifting  ,infringement, ,piracy, reproduction and theft.
But if I search for  some information and  write them in my own words, what is wrong with that ?Facts cannot be fiction. And if your writing is based on some information to quench the thirst of this info-hungry world, what is the second option?
History teaches us about so many facts .Does that mean the historians have plagiarised and  can be charged of  borrowing and copying? Scientists have done so many experiments based on Newton’s theory, does that mean they have plagiarized his ideas?

Penchant for cars!

We were in the showroom .It was our ninth car. Silky silver, Milky white, Azure grey ,Frosty bite,---the paraphernalia of people’s desire   --- all were standing in a row, decked up for  delivery!
This time we could find some young men hovering like flies around the customers.
They were trying to trap them for bank loans and other fringe benefits. We had our own broker. He was manipulating everything ..My son ,a big boy of twenty seven  , couldn’t show his emotions and was trying to maintain his composure. Our man told us that the spacious cars  run by petrol are never a good deal .So we had a constrain .My husband was very much keen about resalable value.  So in spite of the growling  sound ,we had to select the diesel car for its scoring perspective .The paper-work had to be done . My son was all set to impress on his in-laws who were coming from Delhi the next day. And we had no option left for  the choice of colour. There were only two colours ----Black and Beige. Beige colour was not for us, my son said . It doesn’t look Royal ,he said .I only knew that it was a replacement of the  second -hand blue Maruti 800 which had its longest stay with  us and was very much loyal to us. The seventh one was the first model of Maruti Sujuki which served us only for five to six months. My husband bought it when he found the brand- new Indica unmanageable and the person was lucky to buy this nine-month old car at a very cheap rate. This Indica had witnessed my daughter’s marriage and I had a soft corner for it. So I had asked my husband to drop the idea but he had already got addicted to this Buy and Sell syndrome ,however with no profit at all. Before this,we had the Royal Ambassador .The Gorgeous White had the glamour of its own.I fell in love with its grandeur and my husband would never  allow anyone to share my love .So he sold it. This was our fifth car. The fourth one was the first model of Fiat which fascinated my husband with its front- door opening .The front seat beside the driver had to be folded and you could come out of the vehicle. The gymnastic was not so smooth for the passengers and finally he had to sell it. It had captured the place of Omni ,Maruti van which was our  first brand -new car .However, it also had served us long but they said it was going to be banned for personal use and could be used only for commercial purpose. So it went to someone who could save more by using it commercially. Our second car was Standard Gazel,a seagreen beauty with the jerk of horse- riding which compelled my husband to buy the van .And the first one was of glossy red colour, blushing like a newly-wed bride. It belonged to Standard Herald .It sought refuge to our car-parking from a doctor’s .Its stay was about two to three years .But it had to leave as it had grown some fatal disease. Thus the story went on and I am not sure what is in store for this ninth one as my husband has been charmed with its resalable value. Amen!

Shimmery Make-up For Eyes In Winter

How to wear shimmery winter eye make-up

Winter season has something special to offer. The season leaves you surcharged with lots of fun and frolic. Everybody looks forward to join the parties and carnivals held in this month. The glow and glamour of youthful fervour wraps you with zeal and vigour. You get yourself decked up and start for the party or the picnic you are destined for. While  heading for some outing or party or picnic, first you have to decide about your clothes .What would be suitable for the occasion, whether it should be western or it should be something else. But the next part falls on your facial make-up. As you know ,your face is the most important part of your body. Whenever you meet someone, it is your face which reveals everything in your mind and that too is done with the help of your eyes. Your eyes must look beautiful and attractive and must shine like the sea shimmering in the sunlight.

The techniques for improving the look of your eyes
 However, in the winter season ,it is a little bit difficult for those who have dry skin. The rough dry look spoils the youthful glamour. It looks like the rugged skin of an alligator. Especially for the older generation, the wrinkles  steal the charm and you need to hide them with  make-up. You must be aware of the techniques to apply your make-up . If you over do them, it would spoil the whole effect. For example, you must be an expert while using your eye-liner. Your hand should be steady while wearing make -up on your eyes. You should be well-versed in the techniques of drawing lines at the outer edges of your eyes. The liner can spill out and  the whole effect can be spoiled.

The steps to be followed for a shimmery winter eye make-up

For an attractive and impressive effect in the winter ,you have to get a know-how about the suitable eye-make-up. Firstly you have to wash your eyes and wipe them with cotton to make the lids free from oil. Then you have to use the typical liquid or cream which is known as the base for the make-up. Next you have to take care of your eyebrows. They must be given a good shape so that your eyes would look more beautiful .Then comes the selection of the pencils  which you are going to use on your eyes. This must not be a simple one that we use .This must have sparkles. You should use the pencil on both the  eye lashes. Those who want to look better can use artificial eye-lashes. If you give them a curve ,they would look more attractive.

Different colours of eye-liners for the  old and the young
For the ladies who are middle-aged or in their sixties and yet wish to look like sweet sixteen, black colour suits the best. It would hide the wrinkles on the eye-lids. The young have an upper hand as everything would suit them .But mostly they look glamorous  when they use light shades of mascara and put darker shades in the eyelashes or on the eyebrows. And thus, their eyes would be their crowning glory.

Best Tips for Tired Eyes

How do you make your eyes look  less tired?
Eyes are the most beautiful part of your body. Even if you do not talk, your eyes can be eloquent with silent gestures and can convey  a lot many things  to the person you are talking to. Happiness or sorrow, anger or jealousy ,love or hatred –all can be  found in the two eyes which are the cornucopia of all kinds of expressions. Just think of the unfortunate one who is unable to speak .How does he communicate? Of course with the help of his eyes. So utmost care has to be taken to make your eyes look less tired .But long sleepless nights or stressful days  can make your eyes lose the charm and beauty .This can be caused due to your hectic schedule  or the lifestyle you are leading .But every problem has a solution and you have to optimise the best possible ways to make your eyes look less tired.153

Eat healthy  and sleep tight

A healthy diet is the most important step to make your eyes look less tired. Vitamin A is a must to keep your eyes fresh. So the diet  you take must have sufficient dose of Vitamin A. This you can get from carrot or papaya which is a large source of Vitamin A. For those who can take non-vegetarian food,  fish can be a nice supplement. Drinking a lot of water is also very important to avoid making your eyes look tired.  However over –stress can cause havoc to your eyes. So you must try to avoid it. For this, time -management is very important. You must not do eye-strain at a stretch. Divide the hours  and don’t sit with your lap- top or your computer for a long time. Just give a break and start afresh. You can also wash your eyes twice or thrice with cold water and you will  see the miracle. Your eyes would look like the fresh petals of  a flower. At least eight hours’ sleep is very important for your eyes to look fresh. So anyhow manage to sleep peacefully without any stress. Lying on your bed without closing your eyes would always cause dark circles around your eyes and your eyes ,even if they are very beautiful, would lose the charm and glow .352

Apply creams and home –made packs

The creams which  are used at night can be very much effective for the dark circles
under your eyes. If you want to conceal them ,you can use the creams which hide them. You can apply raw papaya around your eyes so that the skin can be nourished with the vitamins within the fruit. Cucumber is also very good for the glow on your skin. So cut the cucumber in round shape ,close your eyes and put them on your eyes. Closing your eyes would provide rest to your eyes and you would feel cool  and stress free. Using eye-drops  before you go to sleep can also serve the purpose. These eye drops  are  soothing element for   your eyes. They provide nourishment to your eyes .
 You can use them twice or thrice when you get a break from your work. If all these don’t work, please consult your Beautician.

About Mining Stocks

MINING STOCKS can be a new terminology for a person not interested in stock market, but it has a wider perspective in the lives of the many who mint money through stock exchange.
What is Mining?
 Mining relates to the process of getting minerals like iron, gold ,silver ,copper manganese and many others from the cavity inside  the earth .The regular advancement of technology  has created a smooth space for the miners who dig the ground and feel excited while exploring the vast reservoir of metals and minerals. The
business tycoons feel elated during the digging procedure as they can invest a large amount of money for a newly detected mine. And the shareholders buy the shares from the MINING STOCKS.  so that they would be benefited by the price-hike of the shares.
What are stocks?
Stocks  denote the value of the shares in a company which have been already sold  to different persons or companies .Thus they can deal with anything. It can be mining  or it can be any company which sells gadgetry. But if someone is interested in MINING STOCKS, he must be vigilant about the sudden increase and decrease in the shares related to it.
When can a person be benefited by buying Mining Stocks?
When a mine is explored, it is the most suitable period to buy shares depending on the likely results of explorations and expecting greater benefits from MINING STOCKS. One can also earn a large sum if one buys shares of a mine which is being dug when the cost of the metal has gone down. The decrease in the rate of the metal and the apathy of the buyers can cause havoc for MINING STOCKS.
What are Penny Stocks?
However , PENNY STOCKS involve a lot of risk. Without a  sound financial background, PENNY STOCKS sell shares based on false assumptions.

Simple tips to save your shoes from water damage

Shoes are  the most important part of your get-up. Many stories have been woven out of the shoes. But it is always a mess when your shoes get soaked in water . And if you are out on a shopping spree ,the varieties of shoes can be a feast for your eyes and you would hardly resist yourself from buying them.

 Shoes are mostly made of leather .They can also be   made of plastic or cotton. The damage occurs if the shoes are made of leather or cotton. The sudden onslaught of a heavy rain can mar the beauty and the longevity of the shoes. Even the small potholes on the roads can cause a lot of embarrassment and the shoes can fall a prey to your absent-mindedness. While walking on the roads and searching for your coveted shop, you can step into the muddy areas and your shoes are in a bad shape.

However every problem has a solution and some important tips can be helpful to prevent your shoes from getting damaged. There are many suggestions and propositions for getting the best deal about preserving your shoes  but the following three simple tips  can always be  an asset for saving your shoes from water damage.

1.Cleansing the inner parts of the shoes
The shoes mostly have a piece of material in the shape of the foot and is placed inside a shoe to make it more comfortable. .When the shoes get soaked in water , these inner parts must be removed and can be hung on the peg to dry up. If you have a machine to wash your clothes and it has got the “spin” action, the shoes can be put inside the machine for this particular activity. If your shoes are without the inner base ,you can only hang them to dry out.

2.The slit or sludge to be removed
The shoes can become a victim to the sands on the sea-shore . The waves also can wash them with a huge splash of water. Then  the first and foremost duty is to remove the slit , clean the shoes and dry them up with a piece of cloth. If you have walked on a muddy area, it would be better to clean the shoes with a moist cloth and then hang them to dry. Papers in large number can be used to dry them up.

3.Keeping the shoes under the fan or sunshine
The  wet shoes can be easily placed under the fan .You should switch on the fan in full speed and keep the shoes in a position so that the shoes can get the full advantage of the air the fan produces. The air would be very much beneficial for drying up. The bright sunshine can be an added advantage for the wet shoes. It is the best possible way for drying anything .However ,some shoes lose their shape if dried in the sunshine. So first you should be sanguine about the material the shoe is made of and then only can apply this method.

In spite of these three simple tips. if you just leave the wet shoes for some time,they would be back in their shape and you don’t have to worry.

Tips to get rid of your protruding belly

5 Simple Mantras on weight control
 Modern life-style offers a lot of fun and frolic but it also gives rise to numerous health-hazards. One of them is obesity which kills the joy of youth and you fall a prey to all kinds of diseases. You have to face  a number of problems in the most cherished period of your life. You lose your physical charm. You lose your enthusiasm. You lose your gaiety and become  as lazy as a toad . Your waist –size cannot match any branded attire and you have to depend on the mercy of the tailor who only  can find a soothing shelter for your huge tummy. You can neither walk fast nor run. You can neither climb up the stairs  nor  jump. You can neither take part in any kind of activity nor can you feel free in any social gathering The sarcastic looks of your peers makes your life miserable and you try to avoid their company .The most dreadful thing is that you  become totally disillusioned  and your whole system starts working in a bizarre condition. However if you want to get rid of this predicament , just count down to the big day when you look slim and trim by following five simple mantras on weight- control.
Avoiding oily and fatty food
Even if you are a foodaholic, the first mantra is to give  rest to your palate and start ignoring the tempting look of the foods which are fried. These oily substances are one of the major causes of accumulating fat in your body. The second mantra is all about   precaution and prevention. If you can resist from devouring the fatty and oily substances, you would never dance to the tune of the  glitz and glamour of the cheese-decked pizza or the delicacy of the dessert. However, you can take a small portion to soothe your soul ,but never gorge yourself on them like a glutton.
Saying “No” to beverages
The third mantra to  control  weight is to quench your thirst with simple water and never to get addicted to the beverages .These beverages can be fatal for your body- weight. The beautiful colours  of the juices can be a lure to the thirsty throat but would pose a great threat to your body . All these beverages are loaded with sugar. The more sugar you take the less chances of decreasing your weight are there and you know, sugar increases the  blood- cholesterol. This can lead to fatal diseases .
Joining gym or doing physical activities
The fourth mantra on weight-control is to join a gym , to exert yourself or to get yourself involved in lots of physical activities. This can be another major solution for weight- control. The modern gyms offer a number of gadgets like treadmill which can reduce your weight gradually. But you must pay particular attention to using these machines. If you do not go to the gyms regularly and do not use these machines everyday, all your money and labour would be wasted.
Developing self-control
The fifth mantra to reduce your weight is to practise self-control, so that you can get rid of the habits like fretting. Sometimes you fret too much and try to curb it by eating something or sometimes you munch some eatables as pastime. All these can lead to increase your weight .Practising self-control can ease your life and can save you from the consequences of overweight. Just boost up  your will-power and restrain yourself from  eating your favourite flavours of ice-creams or chocolates. If you can do so, you will win half the battle and the world will be yours!

Tips OnHow to get rid of Smoking

Want to get rid of smoking-----a health hazard? Here  are some tips.

So many advertisements can be seen about the risks associated with smoking, but how many of you want to get rid of smoking? Of course ,not many because smoking is like a false friend who stays with you in your happy times but leaves you when you are in need. Well, whenever you feel stressed ,you smoke and you think you are free from tension. But is it so? Unless and until you make up your mind to get rid of tension and find out some solution to your problem, you cannot be stress-free. Smoking can never decrease your problems. It would rather increase your problems. So just try to find out  ways to restrain yourself from this deadly habit which leads to several fatal diseases like depression, cardiac arrest, lung cancer or T.B.

Many researches have been done in this field and some of the important steps which can be followed to get rid of this habit are as follows:
Treatment related to consuming water in large scale
Consuming water in large scale can lessen the bad effects of smoking. Whenever you feel you should smoke, just drink a glass of water and forget about smoking. This can cause a major change in your system because water is a cure for many diseases.

Chewing cardamom in stead of smoking
Whenever you have an urge for smoking, get a handful of cardamom and start chewing. It would distract you for a while .You would relish the stuff in your mouth as chewing is an activity which is a pastime.

If you are determined not to get addicted to this bad habit, you must gather strength to
visit a psychotherapist .He can set many examples about the bad elements of this habit and convince you to find a better option.

Developing positive attitude towards life
Smoking can never eradicate depression which is a killer. Don’t you want to enjoy this beautiful life with a positive attitude? Why do you get trapped and feel lured to smoke which can cause  havoc in your life? It is better to develop the aptitude for overcoming the temptation to smoke.

The most important and the best thing  to get rid of this normal course of your daily routine is to develop your will-power. Nothing is impossible for you to achieve if you are determined. Don’t neglect and pay heed to your near and dear ones who always wish for your long life and pray for you and be strong-willed to say “NO” to this habit.Don’t you know “Where there is a will there is a way” .So just brace yourself against  the challenge and do away with Smoking---the killer.