Monday, 31 October 2011

Simple tips to save your shoes from water damage

Shoes are  the most important part of your get-up. Many stories have been woven out of the shoes. But it is always a mess when your shoes get soaked in water . And if you are out on a shopping spree ,the varieties of shoes can be a feast for your eyes and you would hardly resist yourself from buying them.

 Shoes are mostly made of leather .They can also be   made of plastic or cotton. The damage occurs if the shoes are made of leather or cotton. The sudden onslaught of a heavy rain can mar the beauty and the longevity of the shoes. Even the small potholes on the roads can cause a lot of embarrassment and the shoes can fall a prey to your absent-mindedness. While walking on the roads and searching for your coveted shop, you can step into the muddy areas and your shoes are in a bad shape.

However every problem has a solution and some important tips can be helpful to prevent your shoes from getting damaged. There are many suggestions and propositions for getting the best deal about preserving your shoes  but the following three simple tips  can always be  an asset for saving your shoes from water damage.

1.Cleansing the inner parts of the shoes
The shoes mostly have a piece of material in the shape of the foot and is placed inside a shoe to make it more comfortable. .When the shoes get soaked in water , these inner parts must be removed and can be hung on the peg to dry up. If you have a machine to wash your clothes and it has got the “spin” action, the shoes can be put inside the machine for this particular activity. If your shoes are without the inner base ,you can only hang them to dry out.

2.The slit or sludge to be removed
The shoes can become a victim to the sands on the sea-shore . The waves also can wash them with a huge splash of water. Then  the first and foremost duty is to remove the slit , clean the shoes and dry them up with a piece of cloth. If you have walked on a muddy area, it would be better to clean the shoes with a moist cloth and then hang them to dry. Papers in large number can be used to dry them up.

3.Keeping the shoes under the fan or sunshine
The  wet shoes can be easily placed under the fan .You should switch on the fan in full speed and keep the shoes in a position so that the shoes can get the full advantage of the air the fan produces. The air would be very much beneficial for drying up. The bright sunshine can be an added advantage for the wet shoes. It is the best possible way for drying anything .However ,some shoes lose their shape if dried in the sunshine. So first you should be sanguine about the material the shoe is made of and then only can apply this method.

In spite of these three simple tips. if you just leave the wet shoes for some time,they would be back in their shape and you don’t have to worry.

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