Monday, 31 October 2011

Penchant for cars!

We were in the showroom .It was our ninth car. Silky silver, Milky white, Azure grey ,Frosty bite,---the paraphernalia of people’s desire   --- all were standing in a row, decked up for  delivery!
This time we could find some young men hovering like flies around the customers.
They were trying to trap them for bank loans and other fringe benefits. We had our own broker. He was manipulating everything ..My son ,a big boy of twenty seven  , couldn’t show his emotions and was trying to maintain his composure. Our man told us that the spacious cars  run by petrol are never a good deal .So we had a constrain .My husband was very much keen about resalable value.  So in spite of the growling  sound ,we had to select the diesel car for its scoring perspective .The paper-work had to be done . My son was all set to impress on his in-laws who were coming from Delhi the next day. And we had no option left for  the choice of colour. There were only two colours ----Black and Beige. Beige colour was not for us, my son said . It doesn’t look Royal ,he said .I only knew that it was a replacement of the  second -hand blue Maruti 800 which had its longest stay with  us and was very much loyal to us. The seventh one was the first model of Maruti Sujuki which served us only for five to six months. My husband bought it when he found the brand- new Indica unmanageable and the person was lucky to buy this nine-month old car at a very cheap rate. This Indica had witnessed my daughter’s marriage and I had a soft corner for it. So I had asked my husband to drop the idea but he had already got addicted to this Buy and Sell syndrome ,however with no profit at all. Before this,we had the Royal Ambassador .The Gorgeous White had the glamour of its own.I fell in love with its grandeur and my husband would never  allow anyone to share my love .So he sold it. This was our fifth car. The fourth one was the first model of Fiat which fascinated my husband with its front- door opening .The front seat beside the driver had to be folded and you could come out of the vehicle. The gymnastic was not so smooth for the passengers and finally he had to sell it. It had captured the place of Omni ,Maruti van which was our  first brand -new car .However, it also had served us long but they said it was going to be banned for personal use and could be used only for commercial purpose. So it went to someone who could save more by using it commercially. Our second car was Standard Gazel,a seagreen beauty with the jerk of horse- riding which compelled my husband to buy the van .And the first one was of glossy red colour, blushing like a newly-wed bride. It belonged to Standard Herald .It sought refuge to our car-parking from a doctor’s .Its stay was about two to three years .But it had to leave as it had grown some fatal disease. Thus the story went on and I am not sure what is in store for this ninth one as my husband has been charmed with its resalable value. Amen!

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