Monday, 31 October 2011

Tips to get rid of your protruding belly

5 Simple Mantras on weight control
 Modern life-style offers a lot of fun and frolic but it also gives rise to numerous health-hazards. One of them is obesity which kills the joy of youth and you fall a prey to all kinds of diseases. You have to face  a number of problems in the most cherished period of your life. You lose your physical charm. You lose your enthusiasm. You lose your gaiety and become  as lazy as a toad . Your waist –size cannot match any branded attire and you have to depend on the mercy of the tailor who only  can find a soothing shelter for your huge tummy. You can neither walk fast nor run. You can neither climb up the stairs  nor  jump. You can neither take part in any kind of activity nor can you feel free in any social gathering The sarcastic looks of your peers makes your life miserable and you try to avoid their company .The most dreadful thing is that you  become totally disillusioned  and your whole system starts working in a bizarre condition. However if you want to get rid of this predicament , just count down to the big day when you look slim and trim by following five simple mantras on weight- control.
Avoiding oily and fatty food
Even if you are a foodaholic, the first mantra is to give  rest to your palate and start ignoring the tempting look of the foods which are fried. These oily substances are one of the major causes of accumulating fat in your body. The second mantra is all about   precaution and prevention. If you can resist from devouring the fatty and oily substances, you would never dance to the tune of the  glitz and glamour of the cheese-decked pizza or the delicacy of the dessert. However, you can take a small portion to soothe your soul ,but never gorge yourself on them like a glutton.
Saying “No” to beverages
The third mantra to  control  weight is to quench your thirst with simple water and never to get addicted to the beverages .These beverages can be fatal for your body- weight. The beautiful colours  of the juices can be a lure to the thirsty throat but would pose a great threat to your body . All these beverages are loaded with sugar. The more sugar you take the less chances of decreasing your weight are there and you know, sugar increases the  blood- cholesterol. This can lead to fatal diseases .
Joining gym or doing physical activities
The fourth mantra on weight-control is to join a gym , to exert yourself or to get yourself involved in lots of physical activities. This can be another major solution for weight- control. The modern gyms offer a number of gadgets like treadmill which can reduce your weight gradually. But you must pay particular attention to using these machines. If you do not go to the gyms regularly and do not use these machines everyday, all your money and labour would be wasted.
Developing self-control
The fifth mantra to reduce your weight is to practise self-control, so that you can get rid of the habits like fretting. Sometimes you fret too much and try to curb it by eating something or sometimes you munch some eatables as pastime. All these can lead to increase your weight .Practising self-control can ease your life and can save you from the consequences of overweight. Just boost up  your will-power and restrain yourself from  eating your favourite flavours of ice-creams or chocolates. If you can do so, you will win half the battle and the world will be yours!

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