Monday, 31 October 2011

Tips OnHow to get rid of Smoking

Want to get rid of smoking-----a health hazard? Here  are some tips.

So many advertisements can be seen about the risks associated with smoking, but how many of you want to get rid of smoking? Of course ,not many because smoking is like a false friend who stays with you in your happy times but leaves you when you are in need. Well, whenever you feel stressed ,you smoke and you think you are free from tension. But is it so? Unless and until you make up your mind to get rid of tension and find out some solution to your problem, you cannot be stress-free. Smoking can never decrease your problems. It would rather increase your problems. So just try to find out  ways to restrain yourself from this deadly habit which leads to several fatal diseases like depression, cardiac arrest, lung cancer or T.B.

Many researches have been done in this field and some of the important steps which can be followed to get rid of this habit are as follows:
Treatment related to consuming water in large scale
Consuming water in large scale can lessen the bad effects of smoking. Whenever you feel you should smoke, just drink a glass of water and forget about smoking. This can cause a major change in your system because water is a cure for many diseases.

Chewing cardamom in stead of smoking
Whenever you have an urge for smoking, get a handful of cardamom and start chewing. It would distract you for a while .You would relish the stuff in your mouth as chewing is an activity which is a pastime.

If you are determined not to get addicted to this bad habit, you must gather strength to
visit a psychotherapist .He can set many examples about the bad elements of this habit and convince you to find a better option.

Developing positive attitude towards life
Smoking can never eradicate depression which is a killer. Don’t you want to enjoy this beautiful life with a positive attitude? Why do you get trapped and feel lured to smoke which can cause  havoc in your life? It is better to develop the aptitude for overcoming the temptation to smoke.

The most important and the best thing  to get rid of this normal course of your daily routine is to develop your will-power. Nothing is impossible for you to achieve if you are determined. Don’t neglect and pay heed to your near and dear ones who always wish for your long life and pray for you and be strong-willed to say “NO” to this habit.Don’t you know “Where there is a will there is a way” .So just brace yourself against  the challenge and do away with Smoking---the killer.

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