Monday, 25 March 2013

Google Glass---a feel for the glassy world!

Who would not love to stay tuned to the fast growing world? And that too with a beautiful pair of glasses equipped with the latest invention of Google which adds charm to your style statement? Google glass can be a massive support to the info-hungry era and can update you with all the nuances of the present happy- go –lucky generation.
Equipped with a mini projector, the Google glass can be a source of enjoyment for the young and the old. The battery, the CPU or the net GPS ---all are assembled in a tiny space on the frame .The camera , the video and the prism work together to keep you well informed about the whole world which is no more weird and unbridled. Now do not grope around for the hot and the bubbling news. It is around the corner of your eyes.  The prism cleverly projects a filmy coating over what is real and aims directly at the retina and enables you to share with the whole world in no time.
Wear the glass and show the whole world how to play lacrosse which is a little bit confusing because of its fast speed. Share anything like agriculture or horticulture and move on with the fast changing world. Every day is important for you and every hour has something to offer. De -stress and do not allow stress to take its toll on your health and wealth. Keep pace with the changing times and play games as much as you can with the minicomputer in your frame.
Google glass can make a day for you and can offer a challenge to the glasses which are normal.

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Age -- not a factor!!!

I am not a sweet sixteen nor am I in my seventies. I am in my fifties. But surely I had been a chatty catty naughty teenager once without any dream or goal to move ahead. I had many hobbies. I liked to draw. I loved to sing. I read like a bookaholic. Singing and playing any instrument I found the most interesting. Later in my 30s, I joined a school and earned a lot of name and fame as a teacher and a writer. I found a new calling to start as a writer. It was hard to find a topic at first like what to write or how to write. I worked on myself and started reading more and more to attain proficiency in the art of writing. I used to correct the articles written by my students and later for my colleagues; I started venturing in the topics related to academics. There I was in the school assisting my principal to work on some topics to convince the parents about the all round development of the personality of a child, experimenting with new methods of teaching, struggling to better my style of writing and giving my weird imagination enough ropes to write stories or poems which naturally were not of top grade. Sometimes, I failed to write continuously but I never gave up. A feeling of guilt lurked inside me and I would always lift up my pen and start writing on any topic which came to my mind. What I learnt was that I must not lose my continuity. The learning should be continuous .I realized that harnessing my skill continuously made me more confident and without confidence everything you do is meaningless. Then there was the question of admiration and recognition .If you do not get inspired by your family or friends, you can lose all your charm for your passion. If you are a success, it may be the other way round .You become heady. Success keeps you busy and too much self engrossed. The ten years of my career passed like a breeze and I had no time to stand and stare. But, they endowed me with a sense of ripeness which I lacked in my earlier days. Many of my friends talk about aging. They tell me that they dread this thing called aging. They do not have the stamina or the energy which can keep them invigorated. I try to make them understand that aging is nothing but a state of mind. If you think you have crossed your sixties and can do nothing in your life, you are nobody. The decades which have added grace to your life have filled you with better insights and fresher impetus to move ahead. Age cannot make you stagnant .It cannot steal the fervor from your life. The fire of passion must be there to keep your desires burning. And when you have that constant urge for taking care of your passion, the world is yo

Monday, 4 March 2013

Should Passion Be Exploited?

I was upset. I recalled my past. I felt more forlorn. I picked up my guitar and started singing. I felt tremendously relieved. It is not this time. Every time I feel dejected, I start singing and I feel happy. Singing is my passion. My sister has the passion for gardening .Whenever she feels morose, she starts weeding and watering the plants. Then she comes back and starts rocking the acerous unicorn lying idle in the corner of her room. She has a passion for this acerous unicorn. Passions are in different hue and colors.
 What is your passion?
 How can you define passion? Passion quenches your emotional thirst. You earnestly desire for something and you are passionate about that thing. While dealing with your passion you are filled with ecstatic joy .It can vary from singing to reading or mathematics to exploration, but the goal is the same. It fills you with unlimited happiness and you rock sitting on the acerous unicorn, though without horns. You feel motivated and rejuvenated to cast aside all your gloom and isolation. Passion leads to a stress-free surrounding. But at the same time if you start exploiting your passion, you become stressed once more.
What is exploitation?
Exploiting your passion means making capital out of your strong desire for something or even someone. Treating your passion this way would be an ephemeral project. Your passion would look like an acerous unicorn trying to recover the glamour it had. You would always try to cater to the audience and the customers who can enrich your passionate endeavor and happiness .Your own joy would be nowhere and you would lose the freedom of treating your passion like a friend .You would become the master and treat your passion as a servant which would dance to your tunes, feeling helpless like an acerous unicorn.

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

tradition and modernity: Homeschooling---a better assurance for children!

tradition and modernity: Homeschooling---a better assurance for children!: Did you ever think about the peer pressure your child faces in the school? Did you seek a stress-free environment for your child to ...

Homeschooling---a better assurance for children!

Did you ever think about the peer pressure your child faces in the school? Did you seek a stress-free environment for your child to monitor his life in the right direction? Homeschooling is the answer to all your queries .It would provide a fabulous treat to your child looking for a safe and secure shelter to harness his strengths. It can steer clear the irritation and obligation of the existing education system and make your child a free bird to soar high in the sky to achieve his goals.
How to define Homeschooling
 The present generation is drifting like a cloud from one spot to another in search of peace and happiness. The rat race and the cut-throat competition leave your child submerged in the ocean of distress .Like a puppet in a show; he is forced to join in the popularity contest. The child is always surrounded by the reign of terror whether he would perform well or not in academics and other activities. Homeschooling brings an end to all these doubts. Home schooling is nothing other than schooling at home where the child is free to express his desire to learn without any bindings of school-norms, peer pressure and examination-system. The parents or the hired tutors are the teachers and would pay individual attention to him. He is able to learn from his elders and he would hardly be a victim of behavioral syndromes.
Steps to follow
·         Homeschooling advocates natural way of learning. Every child is inquisitive but his interests differ from others. Teaching your child at home would enable you to encourage your child’s interests.
·         Know more about his inclinations towards the subjects he likes and facilitate his learning experience.
·         Do not treat it as teaching ceremony rather motivate him to ask questions and find answers.
·         However try to develop interest in the subjects like Math and Science without which the life would be stagnant.
·          Invigorate the surrounding so that your child always feels refreshed.
·         Pragmatic approach is the best way to ensure your child’s process of learning.
·         Interaction with the child is of paramount importance.
·         Involve the child in regular activities like sharing in family business or taking stock of the daily expenditure. Let him do banking or make him understand the operations of engine in the cars by showing him the process.
·         Let him participate and learn together.
·         To know more about languages and history let him use the public library or e-learning.
Homeschooling would gear up the morale of your child. He would be more inclined to ethics and culture .He would learn the basics of humanity and would explore the world with substantial knowledge adorned with culture. There are several methods of teaching like unit study or autonomous learning. But it has everything in a single curriculum and does not vary from the curricula run by the general public schools. A diploma based on the high school performance is also awarded and your child would never feel infra- dig.