Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Homeschooling---a better assurance for children!

Did you ever think about the peer pressure your child faces in the school? Did you seek a stress-free environment for your child to monitor his life in the right direction? Homeschooling is the answer to all your queries .It would provide a fabulous treat to your child looking for a safe and secure shelter to harness his strengths. It can steer clear the irritation and obligation of the existing education system and make your child a free bird to soar high in the sky to achieve his goals.
How to define Homeschooling
 The present generation is drifting like a cloud from one spot to another in search of peace and happiness. The rat race and the cut-throat competition leave your child submerged in the ocean of distress .Like a puppet in a show; he is forced to join in the popularity contest. The child is always surrounded by the reign of terror whether he would perform well or not in academics and other activities. Homeschooling brings an end to all these doubts. Home schooling is nothing other than schooling at home where the child is free to express his desire to learn without any bindings of school-norms, peer pressure and examination-system. The parents or the hired tutors are the teachers and would pay individual attention to him. He is able to learn from his elders and he would hardly be a victim of behavioral syndromes.
Steps to follow
·         Homeschooling advocates natural way of learning. Every child is inquisitive but his interests differ from others. Teaching your child at home would enable you to encourage your child’s interests.
·         Know more about his inclinations towards the subjects he likes and facilitate his learning experience.
·         Do not treat it as teaching ceremony rather motivate him to ask questions and find answers.
·         However try to develop interest in the subjects like Math and Science without which the life would be stagnant.
·          Invigorate the surrounding so that your child always feels refreshed.
·         Pragmatic approach is the best way to ensure your child’s process of learning.
·         Interaction with the child is of paramount importance.
·         Involve the child in regular activities like sharing in family business or taking stock of the daily expenditure. Let him do banking or make him understand the operations of engine in the cars by showing him the process.
·         Let him participate and learn together.
·         To know more about languages and history let him use the public library or e-learning.
Homeschooling would gear up the morale of your child. He would be more inclined to ethics and culture .He would learn the basics of humanity and would explore the world with substantial knowledge adorned with culture. There are several methods of teaching like unit study or autonomous learning. But it has everything in a single curriculum and does not vary from the curricula run by the general public schools. A diploma based on the high school performance is also awarded and your child would never feel infra- dig.

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  1. Homeschooling is something I would consider if I didn't need that respite away from home by way of going to work!

    Well, I don't have kids, but I did raise my niece and nephew for ten years, from the ages of 3 and 5 to 13 and 15. I definitely needed that time away. In a different life with my own kids who didn't have the troubles they had, homeschooling would have been something to think about.