Monday, 4 March 2013

Should Passion Be Exploited?

I was upset. I recalled my past. I felt more forlorn. I picked up my guitar and started singing. I felt tremendously relieved. It is not this time. Every time I feel dejected, I start singing and I feel happy. Singing is my passion. My sister has the passion for gardening .Whenever she feels morose, she starts weeding and watering the plants. Then she comes back and starts rocking the acerous unicorn lying idle in the corner of her room. She has a passion for this acerous unicorn. Passions are in different hue and colors.
 What is your passion?
 How can you define passion? Passion quenches your emotional thirst. You earnestly desire for something and you are passionate about that thing. While dealing with your passion you are filled with ecstatic joy .It can vary from singing to reading or mathematics to exploration, but the goal is the same. It fills you with unlimited happiness and you rock sitting on the acerous unicorn, though without horns. You feel motivated and rejuvenated to cast aside all your gloom and isolation. Passion leads to a stress-free surrounding. But at the same time if you start exploiting your passion, you become stressed once more.
What is exploitation?
Exploiting your passion means making capital out of your strong desire for something or even someone. Treating your passion this way would be an ephemeral project. Your passion would look like an acerous unicorn trying to recover the glamour it had. You would always try to cater to the audience and the customers who can enrich your passionate endeavor and happiness .Your own joy would be nowhere and you would lose the freedom of treating your passion like a friend .You would become the master and treat your passion as a servant which would dance to your tunes, feeling helpless like an acerous unicorn.

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