Monday, 25 March 2013

Google Glass---a feel for the glassy world!

Who would not love to stay tuned to the fast growing world? And that too with a beautiful pair of glasses equipped with the latest invention of Google which adds charm to your style statement? Google glass can be a massive support to the info-hungry era and can update you with all the nuances of the present happy- go –lucky generation.
Equipped with a mini projector, the Google glass can be a source of enjoyment for the young and the old. The battery, the CPU or the net GPS ---all are assembled in a tiny space on the frame .The camera , the video and the prism work together to keep you well informed about the whole world which is no more weird and unbridled. Now do not grope around for the hot and the bubbling news. It is around the corner of your eyes.  The prism cleverly projects a filmy coating over what is real and aims directly at the retina and enables you to share with the whole world in no time.
Wear the glass and show the whole world how to play lacrosse which is a little bit confusing because of its fast speed. Share anything like agriculture or horticulture and move on with the fast changing world. Every day is important for you and every hour has something to offer. De -stress and do not allow stress to take its toll on your health and wealth. Keep pace with the changing times and play games as much as you can with the minicomputer in your frame.
Google glass can make a day for you and can offer a challenge to the glasses which are normal.

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