Thursday, 14 March 2013

Age -- not a factor!!!

I am not a sweet sixteen nor am I in my seventies. I am in my fifties. But surely I had been a chatty catty naughty teenager once without any dream or goal to move ahead. I had many hobbies. I liked to draw. I loved to sing. I read like a bookaholic. Singing and playing any instrument I found the most interesting. Later in my 30s, I joined a school and earned a lot of name and fame as a teacher and a writer. I found a new calling to start as a writer. It was hard to find a topic at first like what to write or how to write. I worked on myself and started reading more and more to attain proficiency in the art of writing. I used to correct the articles written by my students and later for my colleagues; I started venturing in the topics related to academics. There I was in the school assisting my principal to work on some topics to convince the parents about the all round development of the personality of a child, experimenting with new methods of teaching, struggling to better my style of writing and giving my weird imagination enough ropes to write stories or poems which naturally were not of top grade. Sometimes, I failed to write continuously but I never gave up. A feeling of guilt lurked inside me and I would always lift up my pen and start writing on any topic which came to my mind. What I learnt was that I must not lose my continuity. The learning should be continuous .I realized that harnessing my skill continuously made me more confident and without confidence everything you do is meaningless. Then there was the question of admiration and recognition .If you do not get inspired by your family or friends, you can lose all your charm for your passion. If you are a success, it may be the other way round .You become heady. Success keeps you busy and too much self engrossed. The ten years of my career passed like a breeze and I had no time to stand and stare. But, they endowed me with a sense of ripeness which I lacked in my earlier days. Many of my friends talk about aging. They tell me that they dread this thing called aging. They do not have the stamina or the energy which can keep them invigorated. I try to make them understand that aging is nothing but a state of mind. If you think you have crossed your sixties and can do nothing in your life, you are nobody. The decades which have added grace to your life have filled you with better insights and fresher impetus to move ahead. Age cannot make you stagnant .It cannot steal the fervor from your life. The fire of passion must be there to keep your desires burning. And when you have that constant urge for taking care of your passion, the world is yo

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