Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Tradition and modernity

What is tradition?Does it mean to observe the customs followed through ages or does it mean to preserve our culture?Does it mean to restrain a class of people from doing something or does it mean to restrict the weaker section of the society to a  certain limit of actions?
Does it mean to lock yourself within the four walls of your house or does it mean to strive for liberation?Tradition matters a lot ,no doubt .,but a person should not be exploited in the name of tradition.
However ,modernity does not mean showing disrespect to elders or modernity does not mean freedom from rules and regulations.Modernity does not mean exposing yourself to western culture.Modernity means to fight against corruption.Modernity means to get rid of superstitions.Modernity  means  spreading  fraternity.Modernity means to build up  harmonious relationship between Nature and Mankind.For  better consequences,tradition and modernity  should go hand in hand.

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