Tuesday, 23 August 2011


A Treatise to My Son !
Every mother is proud of her child. So was I, when I used to look at his well-built body . ,But recently, I fret over the enormous bulk he has accumulated . My maternal instincts cast a shadow over his well-being and the eventuality which has resulted into his growing more and more lethargic and avoiding physical exercises, has made me numb. He cannot breathe easily and his protruding belly can match with any of the expecting mothers. Obesity has caused all these problems which he is facing at present and only strong determination and will power can be the remedy to cure him of all the diseases he would be prone to.
.His body -weight is far more higher than it should be. His Body Mass Index (BMI) has crossed the limit. For an average person, if it is between 25 to 30, he is considered overweight. And my son is not an exception to it . This BMI is not an indicator of the fat itself, rather it is a statistical measurement, derived from a person’s height and weight. However, even if I think he is a foodie ,it is I who has developed his food habits. I had been a working -mother and always tried to cut short the cooking schedule and opted for the tasty fast foods which my children used to gulp down .Thus these foods interfered with lipid metabolism and are responsible for molecular mechanism. This might have led to absorption of fructose (a type of sugar), found in beverages which may totally change lipid energy metabolism and the consequences are fatty liver and metabolic syndrome. In spite of several campaigns organized to create awareness among the public to restrain from fast food ,we people tend to increase our calorie- intake by eating these only. This is not the only cause behind my son’s obesity, the sedentary life-style has also added to his body weight. He moves very less and is always glued to his lap-top, the unique modern device to solve all the problems. But every coin has its other side and less physical activity has a large impact on burning calories and working of hormones. The insulin level in our body has a significant role to play.If we are physically active, our insulin level is stable. If we are not ,our insulin level is unstable. This is one of the vital causes of obesity. Another thing which I have detected about my son is that he is sleep –deprived .Being a work-aholic, he sleeps less than five hours which produces less Leptine. Because of the less production of this hormone , he does not feel hungry. They say that people who stop smoking gain a lot of weight. However ,my son does not smoke, but why does n’t he stop drinking all those fructose sweetened beverages which are spreading like poison in his body? Can’t he realize that all this obesity would lead to hypertension and diabetes-the root cause of all the fatal diseases ?Decreasing fat by changing food-habits and increasing physical activities can be far more profitable than spending hours on finding ways to achieve success in this corporate world .
O my son !please think it over and spare me from spending sleepless nights ,staring at the framed photograph of once the body-builder ,in front of my bed as “No greater grief than to remember days of joy when misery is at hand.”

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