Friday, 25 November 2011

How to Enjoy Your Winter Holidays With Your Kids?

Come winter and your kids wish to enjoy their winter holidays with something which is unique and useful. What about the mitten and snowflake wall-hanging? Won’t they be awesome? Well, don’t know how to make them? Here are the steps to guide you.
Step1) The things you will require:
·         A cardboard of thinner quality
·         Green, light blue and blue papers
·         A black pen for marking
·         One white colored  paper
·         A pen with white colored paint
·         Glue with white colored glitter
·         Yarn of white color
·         Tape for packing
·         A pair of scissors
Step2) How to prepare it:
1) To make the template of the cloud, cut the cardboard six or seven inch long using the marker. Its one side should be straight and the other side can be in the shape of scallops, triangles or half-circles.
2) Now take the blue sheet and cut it according to the size and shape of the cardboard which you have just prepared.
3) Paste this blue paper on the template made of cardboard, with glue.
4) Take the white sheet and paste it to the straight side of the template. It should be pasted at the inner –side of the cloud .Then cut the white sheet into small curves so that it would look like a scalloped edge.
5) Now you have to make the snowflakes. For this you have to cut the white sheet into thin strips. It should be three inches long and three inches wide. Make three snowflakes from the paper and paste them on the blue sheet. You can look at the picture for help. Then cut the blue sheet in round shape. Use the glue which glitters for decorating the snowflakes.
6) Next you have to make the mittens. These would be made from the green paper.  You have to draw the shapes of the two mittens on the green sheet and cut them accordingly. Then place one of these mittens over the other and paste. Use some glitter so that they would sparkle .Now keep them in a safe place to dry.
7) Now take the black pen and write “Welcome Snowflakes to fall” on the cloud which is blue in color and draw a border line along the letters with the pen which contains white paint. This would   make them glow.

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