Tuesday, 8 November 2011

How to judge the purity of Resveratrol products?

Are you very much scared of the spurious resveratrol products which flood the market or are you not sure of how to verify the purity of this product? Here are the tips to guide you:
1) First you should be sure about the amount of the purity of the product. Resveratrol is a natural produce from plants which is beneficial for your health. Usually it is mentioned on the containers that the product has got a certain percentage of pure resveratrol .It varies from five % to ninety- nine %.The product which has low percentage of resveratrol is harmful for health but the product which has more percentage of this element is far superior to the less costly one .So it is better to buy a more costly product than a lesser one.
2) Secondly you have to ascertain the amount of emodin contained in the product. The more the emodin, the less the benefit as it can cause other problems.
3) Avoid buying the products which try to focus on more strength or more potency. A person needs 250 to 500 mg of resveratrol   and has to take 20 to 25 tablets every day. So buy one which has greater percentage of reseveratrol.
4) Ignore buying resveratrol which has been acquired from grapes. Buy that one which has Japanese Knotweed in which emodin is in less amount.
5) Last but not least, you should never go for the trials which are offered by the company free of cost.
Now get ready to go shopping. Never you can be cheated! 

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