Friday, 9 March 2012

How to find the best food for your cat

Are you like a cat on hot bricks? Is this because your cat is sick? Has she gulped down the wrong food and you are downcast due to the sudden illness of the friend of your childhood? To add to your worry, the medical bill is really a bad deal, isn’t it? However, the tips given by the veterinary doctor are special which can be shared with all the cat-lovers, right? So why not share it? Just share these tips to be fit.
1) Labels on the Cat food:  When you buy the cat food, you must check the labels .If you find the labels marked by AAFCO, you can be assured of its purity.
2) Balanced and complete: When you buy the food, the words “balanced and complete” must be there to prove its nutritional value.
3) Stages: The food must denote the stages of life. This means it has to be suitable either for the grown-ups or for the kitten or for the aged ones.
4) Protein: The cats must be offered protein which comes from animal .So while selecting its food you must get assured of its protein-value. The protein can be from chicken, fish, beef or meat. It must be mentioned at the top of the list where it tells us about its components.
5) The sample statements from AAFCO: There must be a statement from AAFCO which would prove that the food is full of nutrition.
6) Renowned brand: The brand must be renowned because even if it is costly, it would prevent you from visiting the veterinary doctor.
7) Weight dry protein: The food must contain weight dry protein .The minimum percentage of this should be twenty-six.
8) Contact number of the company: This can ease up your doubts about the product, if any.
9) Cleanliness: The food can be wet or dry but it must be clean.
10) Taurine: This is a very important ingredient of cat-food. The food must contain this acid to make it easier for digestion.
11) Preservatives: The cat-food must contain the preservatives, but you must ensure about the validity of its time period. Preservatives like BHT or BHA should be avoided.
12) Surplus carbohydrate: The food must not contain surplus carbohydrate. This can lead to various diseases and your pretty pussy-cat can land you into trouble.
13) Avoiding by-products: By-products, bone-meal or animal -digest are the words which are sometimes mentioned on the container of the cat food. You must not buy them to save your money as they are very much hazardous for the health of your cat.

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