Saturday, 5 May 2012

7 Tips to Decorate Your House the French Way

DIY crafting: decorating your house the French way
I am worried .Are you too? The same old chairs   , the same old tables   , the same old kitchen, the same old walls--- quite nauseating, aren’t they? Well, just wait.  I feel   triggered and have got some mind-boggling ideas   . I am sure you would like them too. Just   get rid of this “feeling blue” mode   and cheer up with DIY crafting and decorate your house the French way. A décor with a difference, eh?
Freshen up   your walls with birdies
Who does not love the birdies? The cute little ones are really a refreshing change.  The faded colors of the walls can be easily covered with the paintings of the birdies. Have you got a penchant for birding? Now you don’t have to visit a park.  Just sit in your living room and watch them sitting in a row or in couples. Place a model of Eiffel Tower on the side- table in your living room and enjoy the French style .
Collect   some embroidered fineries
Collect   some beautiful pieces of embroidery related to French scenery and paste them   on the cushions or write Monsieur   and Mademoiselle with threads of different colors. You can also write the lines of French poetry on the curtains in the living room and give them   a different touch.
Boost your stamina with hand-painted chairs
After doing all these, you must have got tired. Just visit your kitchen for a refreshing drink. But have you ever thought that your kitchen can be a joyous refuge with the hand –painted chairs? Just imagine the Eiffel Tower at your back when you sit on the chair. This can be painted on the backs of the chairs or this can even adorn your curtains .Beautiful French damsels can be dancing around you in the form of different candles when you enjoy a candle-light dinner with your partner.
Make the floor of your kitchen unique
 But I’m sure you have not thought of the flooring yet. Use the tiles which are black and white. It would look like a chessboard .This is the magic of French kitchen flooring and none can deny the French flavor .The tiles can be either laminated   or real. To make the floor unique   , use brick or flagstone for the floor. This would give it a real   rural ambiance.
Paint the concrete countertops
 Paint the concrete- countertops   in different colors. These   colorful stripes can create an elegant flamboyance with the special country look. Decorate the walls of your kitchen with the painted eggshells and the paintings of hunted rabbits or pheasants.
Decorate the fireplace
What about the fireplace? Do you have a real one? If you have a natural one, deck it out in clay -pots and mugs .If you wish to create an artificial one, it is easily available in the market. Place a simple wooden table which   can be used for dining and complement it with   chairs of light-weight. The kitchen napkins   with the embroidery of a   cute little bird sitting on a leafless branch can be amazing.
Get a rapport with the sewing – machine
Stitch curtains which are decorated with ruffles. They are so cute to look at and always   go with the French style. Hang them in the wash-room or you can also cover the windows of your little angel with them. Get embroidered bees on   the towels .They look gorgeous. White, gold silver and blue ---all these colors remind you of the French style. So use them in abundance. Wrap up the worn- out cushions with white napkins .Paint golden and silver spots on them to make them more attractive and fix them with the help of glue .Use the shower curtains with white and blue shades to cover your window and   use the metal hangers to hold the plants to provide  support to the curtain rods.
 Now, it’s time to begin. Are you game?

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