Saturday, 5 May 2012

9 tips to Select Best Eco -friendly Window Shutters and Blinds

Waiting for the right moment to discover the best eco-friendly window shutters and blinds? Just go green with the recycled materials for the treatment of your window shutters and blinds and check out the following tips to know more about them.
1.Select window shutters and blinds carefully
To select the best eco friendly window shutters and blinds, measure the U-factor which should be nearly 0.25 in any type of climate. Also be sanguine about the SHGC(Solar Heat Gain Coefficient) which should be from 0 to 1. In warm weather, it should be lower to get rid of the scorching summer. In winter it should be higher to catch the sunlight. Sometimes a low VT(Visible Transmittance) window can decrease the natural light in your room in the daytime. Yet this is a boon in disguise because in summer or in winter , it saves you from too much heat or too much cold. Leakage of air is another problem.0.3 is the benchmark for this. Your window shutters should pass this test.
2. Choose window-panes which are double or triple
Choose double or triple window panes. They have lower impact of SHGC and U-factor. High-E-Coatings and low –e-coatings are applied in layers. Use them to protect your shutters from getting affected by cold or heat. The tinted glass absorbs heat. If you wish to avoid heat, you can use this type of glass. Fiberglass which is insulated and frames made of vinyl and wood are the best for window shutters because they prevent the heat-factor.
3.Seal the edges of the window panels with Velcro
If you wish to keep your room temperature cool, you can cut a piece of foam according to the size of your window and paste it with the help of Velcro. The edges would be sealed as you have used Velcro and prevent the room from getting too hot or too cold. However, it may not look so attractive, but it would serve your purpose. The awnings which are woven tightly are very useful for summer season. Get hold of opaque ones and they can prevent too much heat. But for winter, buy a retractable one .You can be far from getting chilled. The shutters which are solid are the best for all weathers. So always select a solid one.
4.Select the blinds according to the seasons
The colors and the shades of the blinds play a significant role in controlling the temperature of the room. Use a dark shade and a coarse and rough material for your blinds so that the summer heat does not leave you perspiring. Hang a lighter shade of blinds to enjoy the best of the sunshine in the winter season inside your room. Fit them close to the glass of the window so that they can absorb heat or cold. You would love Roman shades and quilted roller shades for summer and winter both as they are very good insulators.
5.Buy blinds which are made from organic material
Choose the fiber options which are made from grass, bamboo, reeds, paper and other natural material. The blinds made from these materials can be far more eco-friendly. Don’t go for synthetic materials like polyester .Use recycled polyester for the blinds . You can also use vinyl blinds but they must be bought from the fresh stock. The vinyl blinds which were made before 1996 were very much hazardous for the environment and children. So always buy from the latest stock. Cotton, linen silk, wool or hemp are also there to adorn your windows and keep you free from any environmental hazard. So why don’t you think about them?
6.Switch over to dust-free blinds
Always choose the material for your blinds very cautiously. Get hold of something which can be easily washed at home or can be easily cleaned from dust. The gorgeous-looking velvet curtains are always a lure for the home-maker, but they are very difficult to clean. They absorb a lot of dust and can play havoc with your health or the health of your family members. They can suffer from dust allergies or even asthma.
7.Use light-absorbing blinds
If you are staying in an urban area and your house is situated at the roadside, you are sure to be a victim of the flooding street –lights. This can hamper your sleep at night and can cause many problems like depression, cancer or other health-hazards. To keep away from all the mindboggling medical expenditure, curtain your windows with blinds which can block the light to enter the bedrooms. These blinds can be added with  liners which can make them thick and would not allow the light to pierce your eyes.
8.Avoid using pull chords with loops for your blinds
If you have the blinds which can be opened or closed with the help of pull- chords with loops, always be careful to keep them out of the reach of the pets and the children. They can jump and pull out of sheer fun and the fun can turn into a tragedy. They can be easily strangled by the chord which hangs loose and all your d├ęcor simply cause a serious consequence.
9.Get away from the layers of shades and draperies.
You may feel very much delighted by the layers of shades and draperies which give your room a highly sophisticated air. But beware of them because they can really create some trouble before you are able to find a trouble-shooter. They can create a lot of environmental problems and are a burden on your pocket too.
So if you wish to lead a hazard-free life, always cover the windows with Eco-friendly shutters and blinds and don’t forget to close them on scorching summer days and chilly winter nights.

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