Tuesday, 24 July 2012

10 tips to mould your possessive partner

Are you upset? Are you cursing your lot? Are you feeling blue because your partner is too possessive? Start with fresh vigor and feel   better to lead a life as you wish.
1.Build up your strengths
What are your strengths? Have you ever focused on them? Stay focused in the arena where you can prove yourself. If you can harness the best skill you have, half the battle is won. Just make him feel that you are better than others. Your partner would adore you and would listen to your suggestions.
2.Never hurt the ego
It is due to ego clashes the relationship suffers a lot. If your partner is too possessive about you, just try to understand his problems. Try to share his worries and never indulge in fights .If he is blaming you for something, be patient to listen to the allegation and clarify later. You can discuss all the points in writing and can submit the paper to him when he is in good mood.  Try to solve the problem peacefully instead of hurting each other.
3.Try to find out the likes and dislikes 
You must know the likes and dislikes of your partner. If he  has some dress code and does not like the western outfits, stay away from them for a few days. Later buy some western apparel for him and coax him to wear them. Next it is your turn. Buy some for yourself and wear   them in front of him and not in the public. Just let him feel the pros and cons of the dress you like to put on without hurting his ego. If you go on a tour to some distant place, take these dresses and convince him about their utility.
4.Know the food habit
We all know that a person’s heart can be won by making a way through his stomach .The mouth-watering cuisines from various places can tempt even the most jaded palate. So why don’t you try them? Opt for the dish which your partner likes best. Offer the dish and let him know how you respect his likes and dislikes. Sometimes, you can refer to your likes and dislikes indirectly and ask him to respect yours too.
5.Don’t lose your cool
Never react if your partner is too possessive in a social gathering and does not allow you to dance or participate in any kind of activity which he does not like. Stay cool and never be aggressive. You can discuss the issue on way back and can be analytical about the good and bad aspects of the issue.
6.Boost up your confidence
Always blaming your partner or holding on the notion that you are always cornered and humiliated would not bring an end to the problem.  Better be a winner than a loser .Never lose your confidence and have patience with your partner .Your better-half would never be in doubts about your love and passion and would realize the mistakes committed earlier.
7.Forgive and forget
The best way to deal with an over-possessive person is to forgive and forget the actions done by him .Forget the bad elements in his character and think about the best part in him. Get rid of the negative thoughts and forgive. You can always be the gainer if you forgive and sacrifice your own self for someone else.
8.Act like  a diplomat
Handle each and every situation carefully and tactfully. Your single unmindful act can distort the beautiful relationship. Bear with him as tolerance has an unyielding power to improve things. Don’t do anything which can stimulate the suspicious nature of your partner.
9.Be honest
Always stay open and frank with your partner. Never try to hide anything. Present each and every situation carefully as you know what can be the most provoking situation. Maintain peace but if you can tolerate no more, leave that place and don’t be a recipient of all his allegations.
10.Say sorry for your mistakes
You are a human being and it is quite but natural that you can commit mistakes. Say  “Sorry”  to your partner if you have committed anything which he is totally against and promise never to repeat .
The bonding can be intact if you try to follow the above-mentioned tactics. Breaking a relationship is a one-minute game .But it needs ages to build up the same . Would you like to deconstruct  or would you like to reconstruct? It is better to reconstruct .
Just like a mother , you can  handle your naughty partner patiently and be a winner , not a loser.

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