Thursday, 12 July 2012

Five tips to prevent losing your mind on overweight

Last month, my daughter paid a visit to me. She looked sick and had lost the glow on her face. Her skinny figure had made her less attractive and her diet was all restricted .What had happened to her? Was she suffering from some fatal disease or was she going through some critical mental trauma?
I felt tormented.Then I had a brainstorm but could not get the answer to any of these questions. Finally, after much investigation, I came to know that she had spent a lot of her time and money on losing her weight.
Was she overweight?
 No .
Did she look ugly with a bulging belly?
 Then what made her think like that?
None other than the trend of losing her mind on overweight.
How did it happen?
It happened like this that one of her acquaintances had cast a glance over her body and made a jibe over her figure.
Now , what were the consequences?
She lost her temper, fought with him and joined the gym.
 And what was next?
She was striving with low appetite, shrunken cheeks and   eyes in dark hollows.
After listening to her story it seemed that you must apply your brain before you decide to follow the trend. It is quite but natural that you all feel crazy about your appearance. Especially girls who are in their teens are always apprehensive about their looks and figures. They skip their breakfasts. They skip their lunches. They follow a particular diet .After sometime; they suffer from low pressure and malnutrition. These two vital causes lead to fatal diseases and the victim feels helpless.
Keep a track of your weight and height
Every individual has a specific body- weight and height. The constitution of your body can be strong or weak but your body- weight should tally with your height. If you are twenty three years old and are five feet seven inches tall and your body weight is 120lbs, you are perfectly all right. But if you have the same height and age and you wish to weigh 110lbs that is not at all good for your health. So, always try to keep a track of your height, age and weight.
Eat healthy, but don’t be on diet
You must eat a balanced diet. You must eat lots of nutritious foods .Fruits are very good for health. So eat them vigorously. But never be on a diet. Then the immunity system of your body would stop working and you can be easily trapped by some unknown health hazards.
Never skip breakfast or lunch
Most of the figure-conscious men and women skip their breakfasts and lunches. They think they can lose their weight by doing so. This is totally a wrong notion for them and if you are not suffering from obesity, why do you bother for skipping your breakfast or lunch?
Drink more water and less soft drink
Drink as much water as possible because water is very essential for health. Avoid taking soft drinks which have a high calorie of sugar. But that does not mean you should never drink those Colas .Just drink as much as your health permits .
Do exercise but within limits
Exercise is the best way to keep yourself fit and fine. Walking is a good exercise. You can walk in the morning. You can walk in the evening. If you wish, you can join a gym too. But don’t overdo the exercises which can be hazardous for your health.
 Hope you haven’t lost your mind .  Dieting? Skipping your lunch?Skipping your breakfast or dinner? Or going crazy over Cross trainer or Tread mill? Just feel free and don’t lose your mind on overweight. Hold on to the five tips and feel free to be on cloud nine.

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