Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Five Benefits of replacing “Performance Management” with “Engagement Review “

The old concept of “Performance Management” is now outdated .Recently the concept of “Engagement Review” is in vogue. Performance Management is based on the performance of the employee. The employee can be judged by his target production and periodical report about the progress and development of his company. But this is only based on the objective approach of the employee and like a robot, the employee rushes to complete his target and yearns for the promotion he is due. But Engagement Review is done to know the true feelings of the employee who can bet his heart and soul for the benefit of the company. Companies need employees who are dedicated to their service and are basically attached to the company they are working for. The concept of “Engagement Review” has a large and wide perspective.
1.A trusting bond
The Engagement Review can delve deep into the soul of the employee and can build a trusting bond between the employer and the employee. The employee can feel at home and can never discriminate the company as a separate entity. The Engagement Review is a subjective approach towards the betterment of the employee’s future. The employee can devote wholeheartedly to the development of the company which he works in.
2.Values updated
By implementing Engagement Review, the employee can feel more dedicated towards his work. The selfless service would be more beneficial for the company and the employee can feel free to devote all his zeal and stamina to improve the conditions .The path of progress would be strewn with flowers for the employer and the employee both. With honest, sincere and diligent approach, the employee can get the reward he aspires for.
3.An assessment of the employee’s attachment
Performance management can be assessed by the targets achieved and the feedbacks about the development of the project. This is highly materialistic and people opt for any means to achieve the end. But Engagement review would throw light on the character of the person and recommend his personal attributes and attachment to his company.
4.A measurement of the employee's loyalty
The employee would feel loyal to his company as the review would boost him emotionally to work for the company. He would feel emotionally bound to work for the betterment of the company .Intellect added with emotional bond would offer more strength and stamina to the worker. He would hardly think of quitting his job and would like to improve his strengths.
5.A threshold to better performance
Engagement Review would offer a moral support which is very essential for progress. The employee can even involve his family for the prospect of his company as he gets emotionally bound to serve the company.  Performance Appraisal is, no doubt, are  very effective, but along with that Engagement Review can do wonders. The targets have to be covered. The reports have to be submitted. But the sincerity and honesty with the emotional fervor would fetch laurels to the company if Engagement Review is   there to spark off the restrained vigor and strength of the worker.

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