Saturday, 28 July 2012

Freedom means sacrifice!

What is freedom? Is it breaking the social taboos? Or is it shattering the emotional bonds?
 The meaning of freedom varies from one person to another.
A sense of relaxation
 To me, freedom means a sense of relaxation .It depicts a stage when you are not dominated by others, physically or mentally.
 However this is not a one-sided affair. There is always the other side which gets affected by the course of your action.  You can never be free with a person from a different culture unless you accept him or her and unless he or she likes you and your culture. You cannot mold him or her or exercise your power to convert his or her faith .In the same way you cannot expect him or her to change the norms you are following.
Going globalized
So when it comes to breaking the social taboos and going globalized, you have to pay your respect to all the cultures. But as you are living in a society headed by patriarchs, you can never expect to enjoy your liberty at the cost of your family’s disgrace .It can shatter the bonds which you have nurtured for so long. You can think that you are free to do something, speak something or get something. But how it tells upon the other is what counts the most.
The right explanation of freedom
 The right explanation of freedom is to respect the rights to freedom by others.You are free to move anywhere using the road which leads to your destination. But that does not mean that you will walk in the middle of the road letting others stuck in the traffic and miss their flights. Freedom is the clay which molds your behavior towards others. Freedom is the sacrifice which builds an everlasting bond with others. Freedom is the way leading to reconstruction, not deconstruction.

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